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Aug 8, 2013 7:00pm EDT
but members of congress to set i want to use myself. i called the nsa for national security agency and they came to my office and a private limit and i said tell me the living dead was involved in this. tell me what is the bottom line with this security aspect. they went ahead and they looked at this and we went to a room which was in the capital capital and that's a private room nothing bounces in and nothing bounces up and i won't reveal the information today. security in the capital but they said it's okay to do these if we do them this way. doesn't matter which company does them. the israeli-based company which in fact or the lgc american company it doesn't matter which one. if you do it this way it's involved this way and that's all i can say about it that way are okay. we made a decision to award the contract of what we do with the contract the ceo of the house the administrator of the house, what we do for the contract was that the providers do a survey. the providers were sprint verizon and at&t. they were five of them and i can't remember the other two. they would sign do
Aug 25, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. >> i have my ipad. and it has the huffington post. it's a trademark. emergency, nsa calls secret briefing to protect powers. that was a couple of weeks ago. what advice do you have? so much information, politics, business, entertainment, tech, media, world, healthy living, comedy, life style. >> how would you advise people to deal with this website. >> it's overwhelming when you go there. i talk to a lot of people who go to the huffington post and figure out how to navigate it. some people look at the top and say i'm interest in politics and sports and maybe entertainment. i'll click on those. more and more, i'm finding people will go on facebook and they say they find huffington post that way. their friends have a story. that's the way they discover it, their friends are sharing stories on social media. >> going to push this button that says live. this is your television effort. it was -- going to come up here. what can you tell us about your television effort? how much are you doing with live television? >> that's huff post live. that is basically streaming on our site all day
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2